Racó oblidat del temps | Power Folk

ROT is a band of young musicians from The Pyrenees who live in la Seu d’Urgell and the surrounding towns. The band was born in the early 2012 and it’s formed by Laura Gonzalez Medina (electric bass), Erika Weigand Fàbregas (diatonic button accordion and transverse flute), Josep "Pepon" Vilarrubla Martin (diatonic button accordion, cromatic bisonor accordion and voice), Kike Pérez Rodríguez (drums) and Elias Porter Marín (violin and viola). Their repertoire is mainly formed of their own themes composed by Josep Pepon Vilarrubla, mixing folk with other different styles like funk and reggae, among others. Also they have their own versions of worldwide traditional themes. During these two years since the creation of the band, they have acted at the Accordionist gathering Arsèguel and in la Seu D’Urgell, la Seu D’Urgell folk festival, festival TRAMA (winners of TRAMA 2014 competition), MUDA festival of la coma de Burg, finalists in SONS competition of Fira Mediterrània de Manresa and they have acted in different major festivals of l’Alt Urgell and la Cerdanya. We bring music and traditional dances wherever you want. Contact us through the email or through the contact section.

ROT | Racó Oblidat del Temps

Album released in the label Molusco Discos & AutoEditados in 2014. You can find it on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, emusic, rdio, Deezer i Facebook.